There's plenty we could talk about, like how a guy named David wound up known as 'vid. But let's traffic in screenplays, for now.​

Gimme the Finger

When an OCD crossword-writer finds the finger of the mayor’s kidnapped daughter clogging the sink of the gay ex-Mafia hit man who lives upstairs, he must overcome his neuroses and solve the mystery of the finger before the wrong person gets arrested, or worse.

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Screenplays, Mostly.

The Imp

A bumbling scholar accidentally summons a smart-aleck genie-like imp, but when the magic reveals a menacing dark side he must rely on his own wits to save the day and win the heart of the woman he loves.

• Scriptapalooza (quarterfinalist)
​• Zoetrope (quarterfinalist)

The Home Front

(historical drama)
As Nazi bombings ravage London and her family goes to war, a shell-shocked girl evacuates to live with resentful widows in North England, where a pastoral stable boy helps her cope with the trauma of war. (Based on true stories.)

• Nicholl (semifinalist)
• Page (finalist)
• Scriptapalooza (semifinalist)

The Great Beast

Having deserted the Crusades, a disillusioned Englishman must rediscover his humanity as he transports a hunted Egyptian princess and her elephant through hilarious misadventures across medieval Europe.

• Page (quarterfinalist)