Gimme the Finger

A Fish Called Wanda set in the East Village

     What happens when an agoraphobic crossword-puzzle writer finds a finger in the apartment of the gay ex-Mafia hit man who lives upstairs?

     Eugene Garfinkel lives his OCD Manhattan life in a series of straight lines not unlike the crosswords and computer code he writes. But when Eugene inadvertently befriends a flamboyant wiseguy neighbor and his gum-smacking sister, his routines rapidly derail.  

     Torn between the FBI agents staked out in his apartment and his involuntary friendship with the wiseguy, Eugene’s fanatical compulsion to solve puzzles spawns a hilarity of misadventures when he finds, clogging the wiseguy’s sink, what he suspects is the missing finger of the Mayor’s kidnapped daughter.

     A “whodunit” of outrageous ribaldry, Gimme the Finger gallops like a drunken giraffe through Manhattan’s East Village to collide with an unexpected, feel-good twist.

Analogs: The Hangover, A Fish Called Wanda, The Whole Nine Yards, Snatch, The Freshman, Get Shorty


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