The Imp

Aladdin meets The Mask

     Imagine how your life would change if you had a magical imp to do your bidding, much like Aladdin’s genie, only wittier and with fewer showtunes.

     Lloyd McMifter, employed as a researcher at the university library, lives with his medieval-weapon-obsessed Gramma and compulsively rescues animals from the local shelter.  Clever and loveable, but cursed with the self-esteem of something scraped off a shoe, he has yet to muster the courage to approach plucky grad-student Cecilia.

     Ah, but the ancient parchment he discovers in an antique library book proves to be a magical spell that summons the Imp, a mystical minion who – with the best of intentions – upends Lloyd’s tweedy world in a volcano of mischief.

      The Imp, acting as a wingman (with actual wings), thrusts Lloyd into mortifying encounters with Cecilia, until a romantic rival finds the parchment and summons an Imp of his own.

     As the summoning spell reveals a threatening dark side, Lloyd must employ his own wits, rather than
depending on the Imp’s magic, to save the day and win Cecilia’s heart.

Analogs: The Mask; Aladdin; Liar, Liar; Groundhog Day; Ted

Scriptapalooza (quarterfinalist)